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LiT – 3 Finger Grip Glass Bong with LED Base

In introducing light – three-finger grip Glass Bong LED base.The transparent glass straight tube in the liquid of various colors, stained glass, as well as the formation of the main chamber inside the retro style of the flat bottom of the bowl represents 17d tall.a0The.It is located in the joint the indicated bowl of the glass out of the glass style the glass bowl.a0The indicated bowl by transparent glass, like glass angle diffuser built-in glass pipes, as well as provide additional modeling.Away by the classic form of glass water pipes as the main neck as well as downstem The past The first thing is obvious three finger grip holes etched out of the middle of the tube.The above mentioned grip hole, fully sealed, so there is no smoke leaks.Presented until it reaches mouthpiece.a0The but the most significant characteristics of the tube vertically elongated Another 6d, Bong base, the indicated is a set of LED lights.All you have to do is the basis of the Buildings Ordinance, toggle switc

Art Glass Bong 18.8 – Jackknife

Bong by art glass knife is a straight cylinder has folded the middle of the shaft, as well as then in the process of creation, the indicated last half tend batters Bong.The ice can also add time jink.Good quality art glass pipes, glass water pipes alongside extreme functionality alongside timeless as well as creative design.The average glass thickness of 3.2mm, the indicated is a standard small the SISTA famous ROOR.In the quality of the famous brand, which the knife is a very low price.

Horned Bong Slide by Steve Gelb

SG slide tired of green glass blowing, stands 11.5 centimeters tall, alongside a 14.5 ground joint, as well as displays an amazing job characteristics, including wound neck transparent glass speakers, a hexagonal crest, of course, the notorious The impecc possible SG signature.Very suit possible for the use of glass on glass Chiu Chun Bong 14.5 grounding connector or reduce 18.8 grounding connector adapter.The indicated glass pipe slides in addition to your art glass the pipes collection.a0The coiled neckline is a perfect rotation, a counter-clockwise manor prominent of about 15 mm by the starting point.The coiled length of the neck has a spectacular some intricate horn, as well as more specifically 3 neck as well as 2 on the right side, the left side, respectively.Of the above mentioned angle graduate in size by large to small, the the neck forms of slide.a0As their neckline moving down into the bowl blown into the glass metal spots become more apparent, but after careful examinatio

Molino Glass Bubbler – Steal Your Face Marble

A beautiful glass bubbling molino glass.The hotel includesa marble outline of embedding a skeleton face to emerge within.
The collar, through which you desire to hang it up, myou the a lovely bit string somewher
The in the mouthpiece level that can be attached to provide extra comfort, The indicated is a very good the value glass the smoking pipe.a0Please Note, the color may vary.