International Oddities Blueberry Bud Review

International Oddities Blueberry Bud Review

The original plan was for me and two of my friends Dave and Mike to chip in together and get a 1/4lbs of  IO’s Blueberry Bud. On the day we was going to purchase Dave had to leave town so me and Mike just got 1/2oz between us to share. We made the purchase from International Oddities. Just three days later our bud arrived in the mail! haha I was super stoked and called mike to come over so we could hit this shit. He said he was going to bring his girlfriend over with him as she’s a stoner too.


Mike and his girlfriend Jenny arrived at my place around 7pm and I because I had already opened the the package when they walked they could already smell the Blueberry bud it was that strong and commented about how potent is smelled. After messing around a little while we decided to roll it up with the skins from International Oddities. The bud was super dense and had a really nice texture to it.


We opted for the puff puff pass technique on our first spliff. Man it tasted better than any weed I’ve ever had before. This was obviously some grade A bud. After about 10 minutes we started to really feel it. Our eyes were glazing over and we got super relaxed and mellowed out to some nice chillstep music I put on. After about 30minutes we were totally there and Jenny said we should roll one each so we did just that!


Needless to say Jenny liked the Blueberry Bud! We all did! hehe


 Score: 9/10


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