International Oddities Dro Bud Review

International Oddities Dro Bud Review

So I decided to treat myself to some legal bud. I budgeted myself to just $50 and after looking around a little I decided to go with Dro Bud from International Oddities.

It’s a Hydra-chronic and at just $35 for 1/2 oz, it came well within my budget and left me extra munchies money. I ordered it on Monday, which was a very straight forward checkout process by the way, to ensure I’d have it in time for the weekend. Well to my surprize, just 2 days later on the Wednesday it arrives. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a fast delivery, but I wasn’t about to complain about that. So I obviously cannot resist and wait until the weekend so I open this up Wednesday night and “sample it a little”.

The first thing I noticed was the smell which had a really sweet aroma to it. The buds themselves were fairly dense and nicely cured. I took a portion to grind up and it broke up really easy, very similar to any local street bud you will find. I put some into a blunt and lit it up and the smoke wasn’t as harsh as I thought it would be, in fact it was soothing and tasted kinda sweet and moreish. After just a few minutes I began to feel really relaxed and laid back. This feeling got more and more intense the more I smoked until I was at that magical point.


Dro Bud is up there with some of the best bud I’ve personally ever had the pleasure to toke. The best part? Even after several blunts I still had lots left over the weekend out of my 1/2oz and $15 change from my $50.

 Score: 8/10

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