International Oddities Rasta Smoke

International Oddities Rasta Smoke

Always a hit that offers a unique vibratory delight, we can’t recommend this product enough. A premier “Roll Your Own” smoke for the sacred spirit in each of us, International Oddities Rasta Smoke is not only a worthy diversion, but the pleasing smoke touches a primal need to align our spirit with higher forces. Since the 1930’s the Rastafari have been hailed as a beacon of fortitude and inspiration which has touched all corners of the Globe. To this end we salute.

This smoke truly puts the International in International Oddities. The Rasta is a very unique blend as it may not smell as fresh as other buds, nor may it not taste as sweet as selected brands – but what this bud does have is  an almighty bang! The haze you will receive from this bud is like no other.

This one is for the more experienced smokers, you will most definitely appreciate this one!

 Score: 8/10

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