Cap’n Crunk Glass Tube With Slide & Dome

Cap’n Crunk Glass Tube With Slide & Dome

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The completed slides as well as glass dome, as well as the introduction of the glass tube Crunks Reticello Capn.Basic focus of the style as well as function, the indicated amazing glass beaker hookah of Bong a magical art glassThe glass tube provide a clear base, in addition to a complex reticello model has been blown into the bottom of the two tube .If the indicated wasnt sufficient additional reticello of style pattern woven into the red part of the glass, landscaping a few inches above the pipe.The attachments include support for the use of oil as well as plant, as well as can be used interchangeably, pull glass slides as well as glass dome (alongside decorative hook) using the same size of the joint.As a free standing piece, it is easy to take a step back, immersed in the complexity involved in the creation of such an art glass as well as talent.


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