Horned Heady Pipe by Red Eye Glass

Horned Heady Pipe by Red Eye Glass

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The a exciting pipeline by red Eyea0Glass have some very unique includesas well as style.The indicated is bowl by the glass pipes midnight black neckline into the ocean blue.Main features, such as the mouthpiece as well as carbohydrates hole of the bulbous stay obvious, but the focus of the piece is surrounded by the main bowl.The most obvious of the above mentioned functions is one of many located all across the front of the pipeline, the angle of the glass, as well as the corner style design in a different perspective, the security in the pipeline in the rest.In addition to exciting glass pipes connected to the angle between the molten glass beads to some of the additional character.a0All in a quite amazing in front of the blue as well as green marbled effect, but a simple piece of art glass.


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