Molino Glass Bubbler Pipe – Double Ducktail

Molino Glass Bubbler Pipe – Double Ducktail

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Bubbler tubes used Reversal glass blowing techniques to achieve a wonderful pattern, embellished its framework.In the back of a bull Ducktail added in another multi angle Ducktail, to ensure that the indicated is still the most extravagant in the entire collection. the
Molino glass products are has well as blown out of heavy, high-quality borosilicate glass as well as are colored inside as well as out.Possession bowl, carbohydrates hole deep as well as vibrant colors, patterns as well as designs, which is more than their opponents in the quality as well as workmanship of the head as well as shoulders. th
Every pipe is handmade, real personal.There are no two the same so you will be your own original work of art.Size as well as color will be slightly different, but the quality always is attention of highest.a0Please, colors may vary.


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